Dcal business plan 2014

Despite some of the problems raised, I have no indication that that will not happen. I think that we are working in the right direction.

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I spoke to you the other day about getting a briefing on some issues, and you mentioned the strategy. If so, will you consider making a bid that could enable libraries to operate without the reduction in hours that they are facing. We need to look at what the challenges are and work at them, work through them and work with them to have them achieved and resolved and meet the very challenging deadlines to have these stadia developed.

However, where there are delays and, potentially, moneys being handed back — there will be another session on finance later today — there is a fear that there will be a knock-on effect on grass-roots sport and that people will miss out at some level.

That is absolutely the direction that we need to follow. I look forward to future visits. As I said only a few weeks ago in this Committee, the Protestant working-class unionist community see their culture as culture, and the concept of "the arts" is not something which the Protestant working-class community in this city buys into at any great level.

I took my children and my grandchild to Exploris, and it would be a real pity if it were to close. Good morning and thank you for the opportunity to brief the Committee on departmental business plans forincluding the departmental priorities and progress against those priorities.

I will have a look at that, incorporate more into the plan or even just expand on it where I can.

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Am I being whimsical or light-hearted about the issues that have been presented, or am I being too tough in certain areas. That is a small example of how we can do that very well. However, I am also out and about in communities, and I hear and see it myself. It is important that the small investments that we can bring collectively if we put our heads together mean that some projects will work.

They are concerned because, when people get an opportunity and profiling is done, agreements have been made in government before and U-turns have been done. As I said, the ALBs have been working for some time almost on a zero-based budgeting approach, so they are already aware of the amount of money they had to spend annually and of the Programme for Government commitments and departmental priorities.

We all have an obligation under section 75 to make sure that, through the provision of public services, in particular, and access and participation, we have regard for disability and that we have the physical access for that to happen.

It provides arts, access to the arts and creativity for people with learning and physical difficulties. There is absolutely no question that I will duck, and I want to ensure that the member and other members are happy that they are asking a question that will not cause a newspaper headline at a time when we are trying to get things resolved.

We are not allowed. Again, referring to constituencies outside Belfast more than anything, I believe that there is a lack of knowledge about the arts. Business Plan All DCAL business areas and arm’s length bodies have been busy delivering an exciting range of culture, arts and leisure projects and programmes which have benefitted all 10% on the opening allocation for This budget does not allow me to deliver the level of services and resources that I want, but.

Ms Ní Chuilín (The Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure): Good morning and thank you for the opportunity to brief the Committee on departmental business plans forincluding the departmental priorities and progress against those priorities.

Before I focus on the business plan and what it aims to achieve over the course of the year. The Department of Culture Art and Leisure website.

Welcome to Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure

The functions and services delivered by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) have been transferred to new departments. Business Plan /15* The Director of Strategic Development referred to the document circulated, noting that the layout followed the same format as the previous year; that DCAL guidance issued in.

Business Plan DCAL is committed to harnessing culture, arts and leisure to promote equality and tackle poverty and social exclusion. Over the course of the last year, DCAL and its arm’s length bodies have made good progress transforming delivery so that as.

Welcome to the home page of the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL). DCAL is part of the Northern Ireland Executive.

Dcal business plan 2014
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