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With licence modifications agreed, Ofwat has moved ahead with the PR14 process. Keegan says that the period the alliance now has before the start of AMP6 in April is being spent identifying ways to minimise impact on customers and make further efficiencies in operations and through innovation.

However, Keegan says that the tendering process was very different from what had gone before in the water industry: A public sewer is a pipe that carries waste water from more than one property and is operated and maintained by the local sewerage undertaker, who must maintain it in line with its statutory duty under Section 94 of the Water Industry Act For more information on how your information is used and your rights to access information we hold about you, please visit: Your local Council will be able to advise you what you need to include in your application and how much detail you need to provide in the AEE.

Delivery manager Ian Thomson said: The sewage leak was stopped using a rider main to bypass the shaft and some 5 tonnes of rag were removed from the shaft. If your proposed activity involves these you will need to contact Waikato Regional Council for more information. If you are unsure about the information required, you will need to seek professional services.

The design team investigating the permanent solution is being led by Neil Marples and Hannah Andrew, while the project team is led by delivery manager Vincent Keogh, supported by Shane Gorman, Dave Lally and Arthur Gugan.

Slips Trips and Falls Checklist helps sites improve safety The latest stage of the ongoing safety campaign to reduce Slips Trips and Falls has led to 45 targeted site inspections being carried out.

Ofwat will provide us with its initial view of our Business Plan. But to see just how much AMP5 truly represents change, we need look no further than our workload expectations during Years 4 and 5. For this reason, companies in the water-stressed regions of the south east must typically meet stiffer targets than in other areas of the country where water is more plentiful.

Moustachioed, as they all are towards the end of the Movember charity-fundraising month, it is not long before I am drawn into the extraordinary tale of how this soon-to-be-tested alliance was forged.

Wholesale revenue incentives - Ofwat

So that was a motivator for Thames. This applies for both foul water and surface water rain water connections.

Ofwat rejects Thames Water bill rise

Then the whole Thames team, including the chief executive, went out on site to see reference projects. The role of Ofwat Ofwat was created when the water industry was privatised in His message on the programme was that this AMP has not followed the traditional pattern of work dropping off by Year 4.

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Our 7 outcomes Future Challenges of the Water Industry It is well documented that the water industry faces a number of long term challenges, from population growth and rising customer expectations, to addressing issues of climate change.

The proposal covers not only sewers but also water mains, as well as other utility pipes and ducts. The water company with the lowest leakage by this measure is Anglian 4. For unplanned interruptions, for example when your supply is cut off due to a burst water main, we will notify you as soon as practicable when we expect to restore the supply.

Water E-Briefing: UK Water Briefing

As part of its Water programme, Ofwat has invited stakeholders to make representations about how these challenges are best tackled and to identify the issues associated with delivering changes that meet these challenges head on.

Discharges from sewers The Court of Appeal judgment in BWB v Severn Trent Water was seen as altering the law as it had been believed to exist prior to the judgment, holding that section Water Industry Act does not encompass an implied right of discharge from sewers onto land including land over which a watercourse flows.

Information from the loggers can be easily married up with those from flow meters in the network, so operators can quickly ascertain how much water is being lost to a new leak and therefore how much of a priority it should be. So we have to treat our staff really carefully.

Ofwat's water price review for the regulatory period (PR14) includes guidance on the appointee WACC of %. This is below the %% range companies assumed in the business plans they submitted in December We have a huge library of maps showing our water mains network as well as the sewer pipe network.

We're always happy to share them with you if you wish to.

Our Blueprint for Yorkshire

Mar 20,  · CIS and totex incentives Mark Worsfold, Chief Engineer 20 March Water today, water tomorrow 1. discourages bidding – it’s a business plan not a bid tackles the asymmetry of information It provides the incentives within the delivery of the programme, and: PR14 will turn the handle based on available actual data.

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Thames Water sues over magazine criticism. In a move which has surprised many in the investment industry it has been revealed that Thames Water is to sue a magazine over an article which suggested the company was "useless".

Thames Water project: Smarter water efficiency • PR Moving to a customer-focused approach to regulation • PR Strengthening the role of customer engagement Should you wish to join the increasing number of companies benefiting from promoting their business at our conferences please call: Andrew Gibbons, Sponsorship, on + Our business plan sets out how we will perform against nine promises that we developed in consultation with customers and explains what charges and investment will be between and

Pr14 business plan thames water moving
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