Vermicomposting animal manure business plan

Smaller amounts of manure could also be transported from your farm to the customer's nearby location by filling old feed bags and tying the tops with baling string.

You can compost green leaves, stems, flowers, and grass clippings, as long as the grass has not been treated with herbicide. You can then safely scoop the compost out of the other side, add fresh bedding, and start feeding the worms on that side. Experiment and see what works best for your individual situation and needs.

Changing Manure Into Gold. However, once a customer base is developed, it is critical to be a consistent supplier. By comparison, natural gas yielded 1, BTU per cubic foot. The consortium would lease the land for the digesters from the farmers.

Either way, this meant additional costs that would hurt many farmers who were already heavily leveraged.


Once the process is completed, transfer the worms back into their bin with the fresh bedding. However, this is expected to change as the organic compost industry has recently had resurgence in popularity over the last six years. Initial Investment and Considerations With any business venture, there are bound to be initial start-up costs.

How to Start a Worm Farm Business

Hence, for the first time, the application of manure on land would require a federal permit. Smaller amounts of bulk raw manure can be shoveled from the manure pile into a customer's truck bed or trailer.

Pioneering work was done on composting at Berkeley in the s. An enclosed compost bin keeps out unwanted animals, but it also keeps out rain, so you have to add water to keep the pile moist. Utilities highly favored peak period generating capacity and were willing to pay a premium for this capacity.

Biodegradable waterless toilet systems — Manure is molded into a sleek toilet that, when full, can be fully composted. In addition, states often have additional rules and regulations that apply to farms disposing of their manures off the farm. The absolute best bedding for a worm bin is shredded corrugated cardboard, but torn newspaper, animal manure, and leaf mold work well, too.

We have used both dog poop and horse manure fresh without any problems.

Marketing Manure: A Value-Added Product for Small Operations

Each farmer would be an equity investor in the consortium which would own all the facilities. On-Farm Pick Up Simple signage helps advertise your product.

Manure management includes feed management, collection, transport, storage, handling, treatment, disposal and utilization of manure.

The Project

This handbook will provide an introduction to agricultural composting and provide additional sources of information for those interested.

How- ever, animal waste - especially livestock manure mixed with straw or sawdust - is good for a worm business because the feed and bedding are already combined.

Use good sanitary procedures when handling raw manure to prevent the spread of infection from possible pathogens in the manure.

Marketing manure can be a beneficial, low-risk way for livestock producers to manage animal waste on their farms while incorporating a value-added product into their overall business plan.

How to Start a Vermicomposting Business

The opportunity to sell a waste product and recoup an economic benefit while reducing potential environmental liability is a sought-after outcome for many farms. “Hot” manure is uncomposted animal waste and its addition may result in heating the bin too much for the worms.

While in this article it says that it is okay Earthworms will consume most organic materials, including animal manure, agricultural crop residues, organic byproducts from industries, yard trimmings, food preparation scraps and leftovers, scrap paper, and sewage sludge.

Starter Habitat Manure – If you plan to actually start up a worm bed containing a significant proportion of manure, you will definitely want to make sure it is really well-aged. Ideally, it will have been sitting in an outdoor location, exposed to the elements, for a month or more.

There are many kinds of animal manures that can be recycled with the help of composting worms amongst them are horse- dog- sheep- cattle- and rabbit manure. We have used both dog poop and horse manure fresh without any problems.

Vermicomposting animal manure business plan
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